Updated Bylaws Available

March 16, 2017

At the January 26, 2017 meeting, Council approved bylaw amendments that were the result of a scheduled bylaw review.

In addition to editorial changes or revision of parts that are no longer applicable, the changes include:

  • Expansion of terms for uniformity and clarity in Part 1
  • Deletion and replacement of irrelevant topics, such as Part 4 which now covers Indemnity to protect Council members, and any other person working for the College from liability while executing College duties, and Part 10 which now covers Communications and Media Contacts.
  • Practices that are no longer relevant were eliminated. For example, Part 7.01.1, legal Counsel conducting election of officers at the first Council meeting. The Registrar will now preside over the election. The AGM business will be completed in a regular Council meeting to eliminate the need for an AGM.

These amendments do not require circulation and have been incorporated into the current bylaws that are posted on the College website. View the updated bylaws.