Council Elections Results – Districts 2 and 4

March 10, 2017
Council elections for Districts 2 and 4 closed on March 7, 2017 and we are pleased to announce the results. This year, the voter turnout for district 2 was 27% and 26% for district 4.

Our newly elected Council members are:

 District 2 (Hamilton, Niagara & Waterloo Area)
 Candidate Votes  Result 
 Jennifer Henderson  214  Re-elected for second term
 Julie Entwistle  155  Re-elected for second term
 Paola Azzuolo  84  

 District 4 (Ottawa, Kingston & Area)
 Candidate Votes Result
 Patrick Hurteau
 78  Elected for first term
 Carol Mieras  72  
 Josée Séguin  66  

Congratulations to our elected Council members and we thank all OTs who participated in this year’s elections. Learn more about the work of College Council.